What is an isomorphic application?

Isomorphic applications are fast, SEO friendly, and help you to write less code

Javascript was traditionally the language of the web browser, performing computations directly on a user’s machine. This is referred to as “client-side” processing. With the advent of Node.js, JavaScript has become a compelling “server-side” language as well, which was traditionally the domain of languages like Java, Python and PHP.

In web development, an isomorphic application is one whose code (in this case, JavaScript) can run both in the server and the client. In this article we will inspect how an isomorphic application processes requests depending on where the request comes from.

We are currently revamping the front end of Lullabot.com using Node.js (a runtime environment for server side applications), React (an isomorphic JavaScript library built by Facebook), and CouchDB (a NoSQL database that has a REST API). These technologies will be the main actors in the following examples.


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